Friday, December 21, 2012

hot drinks, cold weather

Sweater  |  Shirt: Marshall's (similar)  |  Jeans  |  Boots: Target (similar)  |  Watch  |  Lips: Tarte in "Lust"

It's here. it's finally. finally. here.

The cold weather has arrived! This morning I woke up to white roads and perfect snowball weather. All I wanted was a snow day, like the kind you have as a kiddo and get to skip out on school, homework, and chores. Your only mission is to defend your makeshift fort and pummel passerbys with soggy pressed bundles of fluff.

Not today...I got to experience the adult side of the weather. The 6am drive to work: slipping and sliding on the roads, slipping and sliding in the parking lot, and the inevitable busting of my behind when my wonderfully wet feet landed on the tile entrance. Nice. It's days like today that I'm happy I drive a truck. All I need now is a good pair of snow boots.

At least I get to kickstart the Christmas celebrations tomorrow!

Enjoy the weather, the weekend, and the time with your family! Happy Holidays!


  1. LOVE this outfit! And your lipstick!

  2. love who you paired plaid with polka dots -- looks great on you! xo

  3. Love love your outfit! So cute! Happy holidays!

    xo, Courtney

  4. Mmmm so cozy - and this time of year, no outfit is complete without a Starbs hot drink! Very needed!! :)

  5. I really like this unexpected pairing. The flannel is like the perfect pattern (if that makes sense).

  6. Great look-- I love the polka dots and plaid!! I'm sure the Sbx really help keep you warm in those cold chilly days! :)

  7. Agree with the outfit - excellent pattern matching. Don't agree with wanting snow. I'm a terrible driver :O(
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