Wednesday, December 26, 2012

my life in one word: procrastinate

Shirt: Gap (similar)  |  Skirt  |  Watch  |  Socks  |  Boots: Nordstrom (similar)  |  Rings: Madewell  |  Ruby Ring c/o Fresh Tangerine  |  Lips: Tarte "Lust"

It's true.

I'm a procrastinator. I do some of my best work during the tick-tock crunch. Example 1: Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve Eve. At least the extra eve came into play ok? Example 2: Wrapping presents the morning they will be ripped open. Yes, it seems like a waste to add the extra little sparkly details to have the package destroyed within the next hour but hey it's how I roll. Example 3: Checking the weather report after I'm already dressed. Good thing the socks can be pulled up higher - they ended up going incognito as tights before the day was over.

I could not have asked for a more memorable way to spend my holiday. I am truly blessed to have the family I have. My dad can always make me laugh and feel overwhelmingly loved. My mom pours on the tradition til the warm & fuzzies are at full capacity every year. My sister embarrasses me without fail in front of my entire extended family - it wouldn't be Christmas without uncontrollable blushing. And my little brother's laughter always makes me wish I was a kid again. Hope you all enjoyed the time with your families, the laughter, and the traditions. 


  1. These pictures are seriously stunning. You look gorgeous as always, but the background really makes the entire look.

  2. You're so cute :) And I am right there with you on the procrastination.. It can be a terrible thing haha!



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