Wednesday, February 29, 2012

work it wednesday: tangerine dream

According to Pantone, tangerine is 2012's color of the year. How happy am I? Let's say be happy I'm typing this and not filming because you'd be seeing my happy dance. I'm thrilled to say the least! I adore the bold look of oranges. It's definitely gotten a bad rap with the whole jack-o-lantern look. Trust me is easy to pull off, especially with the color blocking trend. And with the abundance of the color showing up in stores, you can incorporate it with accessories (see style board #2) to ease into the trend. This color is great for a fresh spring look or a vibrant nautical vibe! Here's 3 ways to work the tangerine dream:

Color blocking:
Color blocked orange pants

warm weather tangerine pops

skirt,  shirt,  shoes,  bag,  necklace

tangerine dream

chambray shirt,  skirtwedgesclutchscarf

How do you feel about tangerine? Too vibrant or are you ready to embrace the bold?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

for the love of creativity: twig bracelets

This week I decided to keep adding to my arm love and make another bracelet. I have seen a few of these twig bracelets before and absolutely adore them. They're so simple but make a statement. Nature and I get along well so I couldn't wait to make these! Plus, I have 2 huge willow trees in my backyard that were begging to donate to my project.

What you'll need:
  • twigs (preferrably thin and fresh because they'll be more pliable) 
  • hot glue gun
  • metallic spray paint (gold, silver, brass, etc)
  • scissors
    Start by bending the twig into a circle and slide on to your wrist. This will make sure you allow enough room to be able to slip it on and off easily. Then overlap your ends and glue. Hold until dry and snip your ends.

    If you have little branches on your twig then wrap them around the circle you just made and glue the ends into place (I left a couple ends stick out for more interest). Give it a shot of spray paint. Allow it to dry completely, flip, and spray paint the other side.

    Like the rings too? Just repeat these steps but measure to fit your finger instead! On one I left the nubs of the branches on. For the other, I just wrapped them together.

    Like always...feel free to Pin It

    Here's an easy step by step:

    Have any DIY or tutorial you'd like to share? Link it up! Crafts, recipes, make-up tutorials, and tips all count! I love seeing your creativity!

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    Monday, February 27, 2012

    coming soon: smiles

    Cardigan: AE {similar here & here} | Denim shirt: Gap {similar} | Jeggings |
    DIY belt (finally in rotation) | bangle | simliar chain bracelet |
    sunglasses | similar shoes | Purse: Coach

    I'm beginning to wonder if you guys know that I smile. Looking at my outfit pics here my bloggity-blog you'd think that I'm typically deep in thought. very deep in thought. I actually smile. alot. I love to laugh and tease and have fun. We'll blame it on the braces for the lack of smiles in my outfit pics. Good news though, they'll be pried off (either by the orthodontist...or myself) in the next couple months. woot woot! Then it's smile city peeps!

    Oh btw, you like the sunnies? They're tortoise rims with blue temples. I talked Jake into buying them last weekend then somehow they ended up on my face for the remainder of the week.
    Weird how that happens.

    Friday, February 24, 2012

    friday fancies

    The Oscars are this Sunday. I'm most looking forward to seeing all the gaw-geous gowns on the red carpet! There are so many exciting trends this spring and am thrilled to see how they'll be incorporated. I'm sure color blocking, bustles, and the "statement back" will make their appearance. I truly love a statement back and have every intention of incorporating it more into my wardrobe. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years and luckily kept my defined back. 

    Anyway, I wanted to incorporate a few spring trends (embellishment, light colors, and metallics) into an Oscars look that I feel are elegant yet still make a statement and would perfect to strut on the red carpet. 

    What are your weekend plans? Will you be sitting on your couch, with a glass of champagne, and dream of mingling at the Oscars?

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012

    for the love of creativity: wrapped chain bracelet

    I love the way an armful of bracelets looks but unfortunately I am several shy on unique bracelets that can be mixed and matched easily. So I decided I'll just have to fix's my most recent creation.

    When I saw J.Crew's bright dahlia color I knew I wanted to utilize it for this project it wasn't difficult to hunt down a similar color floss.

    You'll need:
    • 1 skein embroidery floss
    • curb chain (I picked mine up at Michael's for $3.99)
    • 6 jump rings (Mine took 4 6mm and 2 9mm)
    • lobster clasp
    • scissors
    • needle nose pliers
    • super glue
    • tape (optional)

    Measure 2 pieces of chain to your wrist (remember the rings & clasp on the ends will expand the length). Use your pliers to remove extra chain. 
    Measure 3 pieces of floss to 6 times the length of your chain. Lay chain side by side and thread floss through topsides of chains. 

    Pull floss so chain is in middle of floss. Thread floss through same links again. Your floss should now doubled (6 strings). Optional: wrap a piece of tape around your 6 ends of floss to join them so it's easier to thread into links.

    Keeping your chain from twisting, continue threading your floss through links to join the chains side by side.

    Once you reach the end tie a knot in the floss and add a dot of super glue to secure. Trim your ends.

    Using your needle nose pliers, attach a medium jump ring to each end of chain. Then attach a larger jump ring to join the 2 medium jump rings. On one end attach your lobster clasp. All done!

    Here's a step-by step to Pin It
    to Pinterest!

    Have any new project or tutorial you'd like to share? Link up below! I'd love to see what you've been up to!

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    Monday, February 20, 2012

    window shopping

    Jacket: JCrew {similar}, Shirt: A&F {similar}, Sunglasses, Necklace: Tiffany & Co, Purse: Coach, Jeans, wedges

    Guess who's been window shopping.
    - This girl.

    Yup, cuz this girl is on a spending freeze. Bummer. Let's just assume I'm saving up to have a fun filled weekend collecting colorful pieces for spring. In the meantime, I'm making a list of all the lovely looks I want to join me & my closet. I make it sound like we have a and my clothes.

    If I planned this out properly though I wouldn't have tempted myself with President's Day sales. Who came up with the idea of celebrating presidents with sales? Really, who?!

    Sunday, February 19, 2012

    sunday serenity

    Katie Herzig - Make a Noise. 

    If you haven't heard this song yet, you really should. It's the perfect Sunday song. Uplifting, sweet, and joyous. It has a great message and the video is beautiful, with it's golden sunlight and artwork. It really strikes a note with me.

    This girl is gorgeous and inspiring and I just found out she's coming through my area on March 5th! I'll be there! Here's her official site. Check her out...the entire album is wonderful and whimsical.

    Friday, February 17, 2012

    valentine's day unfolds

    When planning Valentine's Day I was mislead by the gaw-geous weather the week before. Although, the days leading up to the surprise-filled day it snowed. snowed. oh then melted. I had a fun little picnic planned but the ground was sopping wet & the chill in the air didn't give much room for the ideal picnic. So...we had it inside on the dining room floor. Actually, I think it turned out better that way.

    Then we hopped in the car for the next destination. Ice skating! He didn't figure it out til we were a block away...I'm so good at keeping secrets! hehehe We haven't been skating for at least a couple years.

    We both stayed on our feet, barely. If I'm close to falling I grab his arm, cuz if I'm going down...he's going with me! Yup, through thick & thin. 

    Afterwards, I took him to pick out cupcakes to take home with us. It was our first time at a local cupcake bakery & I loved it! The walls were all hot pink! SO cute! AND the sweet treats were delish!

    We're both addicted to Paciugo so of course that's how we had to end the night! 
    Have you had gelato before? It's an Italian ice cream and comes in the most unique flavors! Rose?! Seriously, perfect for Valentine's. The best are Mediterranean Sea Salt and Wedding Cake though. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

    That was my Valentine's Day! I couldn't imagine my days without Jake. It's been almost 4 years (anniversary in a couple weeks). If you ever want proof that blind-dates can work out...but that's another story.

    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    thursday latelies

    If you can't see the video, click here.

    Happy Thursday! How was your Valentine's Day?

    1) Cupcake a la mode: If you live in the Kansas City area go check them out! Look at that menu...have you seen more delicious looking (and oh so cutely styled) cupcakes?

    2) KIND bars: good for you & YUM! Enough said.

    3) Won a pair of Uggs from a giveaway at I spy diy. While you're there, take a look at Jenni's new DIY book. It's out April 17th & on wish my list!

    What's new with you? Do share!

    Go see Bex for more Thursday Latelies! You'll be happy you did!

    Wednesday, February 15, 2012

    work it wednesday: bright trousers

    With spring on its way, I have been drooling over colorful pieces, especially the vibrantly bright trousers. I love that the cut and style of trousers say "professional" but the funky colors say "par-tay!" These scream versatile to me as they can be dressed up or dressed down. The trouser cut also seems to be pretty flattering on most women. The darting creates a figure flattering silhouette, the waists are typically a modest rise which hides extra love we may have on our handles, and the booty is typically form fitting with a looser thigh. I say yes! I'll take every color please! For this Work it Wednesday, I share with you the bright trouser:




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