Monday, April 30, 2012

diamonds are a girls best friend

Have you heard of Anjolee yet? I have randomly seen them around the internet and have adored their jewelry featured in their ads but really never had a reason to go check out their site...until I received an email from them a couple of weeks ago asking me to take a peek at their selection and if I would like to collaborate with them and do a review. I am truly picky about what is posted here on Simply Bold. I don't want to ever try to sway anyone toward anything that I myself would not love. This is a personal style blog and I only allow sponsors that would fit with my personal style & my blog. Technically, this is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% mine. 

Ok, schwoo! That being said...I was amazed at the selection they have, from gemstone bracelets to diamond anniversary rings. Also, their jewelry ranges from petite to bold and in lots of price points! Every single piece can be customized. From the metal type, carat weight, diamond quality, gemstone, and bracelet/necklace length, all of their gorgeous jewelry can be tailored to your preferences! I'm sure you all realize that I adore tweaking things to make them more unique...they do all that dirty work for you! You just tell them what to do, they create it (just for you!), and mail it to you from their California location with a diamond guarantee and certificate. 

If you're not absolutely head-over-heels when you receive your jewelry you can send it back for a 100% refund...on a custom piece of jewelry! What? That's unheard of! Typically, from other sites if you have anything customized then there's limited options on refunds (and very rarely a 100% refund)! 

When you go to their site, you can choose what type of jewelry you're in the market for, customize it (you can watch the price increase or decrease for each option you choose), then look at it in HD and in a 360 degree view! They even have commentary on each piece, which you can pause or choose to not listen to it at all...unlike the salesmen at jewelry me here, you can't get salesmen to stop promoting long enough to gather your own thoughts on the piece. 

They also have a vintage line that I am drooling over. It's stunning, classic, unique, and can make the perfect statement. Who doesn't love looking at diamond engagement rings? Jake has already gotten plenty of hints dropped on my ideal ring but another one never hurts, right? Plus, I lucked out and actually got a guy who thinks jewelry is the perfect gift for special days. He's not allowed to get me jewelry as am "I'm sorry" though...the last thing I need is tainted jewelry.

Here are a few of the designs that are now on my wish list:

12, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Go check out Anjolee's site and have fun playing with all the customization options!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

urban legend giveaway winner!

We have a winna winna for the Urban Legend giveaway! LOVED this giveaway!

So here we go! Da-da-da-dahhhh!

The winner is...

Congrats Jenny! Send me an email!

Thank you to everyone who entered! And a BIG thanks to Kateri for being so generous! 
If you love beautiful, bold jewelry as much as I do you definitely want to check out Urban Legend and all of her playfully colorful pieces!

In case you're curious, yes I used the coupon code to it's fullest potential and snagged these two beauties (HERE and HERE)! 
I couldn't let you guys have all the fun now could I?!

Feeling lucky? Stop by the current giveaway for shop credit to Craft to the Radio!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

friday giveaway - Craft to the Radio {Closed}

Meet Liz, of Craft to the Radio! This girl is amazing at breathing new life into vintage pieces to create new little loves! Remember the necklace I'm wearing here and here? Yeah, it came from this girl and her adorable shop:

I'm Liz -  
a coffee addict and bookworm working full time as a social media strategist. 
I've been blogging for years and I write about someof my other loves 
music, crafting and fashion.

The idea for my shop came from my grandmother's beautiful vintage button collection. 
I wanted a way to repurpose them and started making earrings. 
One day I was wearing one of my creations and a co-worker asked where she could get a pair, 
from there I started selling them.
My biggest inspiration for the jewelry in my shop still comes from 
all things vintage.

Liz is giving away $20 shop credit to one of you lucky readers!

How to enter:

1) Be a follower of Simply Bold with Google Friend Connect! (mandatory)
2) Visit Craft to the Radio and comment below on your favorite piece!

Extra entries:

(1 entry for each! Make each entry in separate comments to count!)

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Giveaway is open to all Simply Bold readers! Closes on Friday, May 4th at midnight! I'll announce the winner the following week!

PS: The Urban Legend giveaway ends tonight! Don't miss out!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Latelies

It's Thursday! Time for a run down on my little loves for the week!

1) Cotton Candy Shatto Milk. For real? Yes...for real! Heaven with Oreos!

2) Propel Zero. You know you need to drink more water.

3) Urban Outfitters is the place for funky artwork! I've got my eye on this onethis one, and that one! Oh and this is begging to be added to my wall too!

Don't forget to enter the Urban Legend giveaway...ends tomorrow! There's also a new giveaway starting tomorrow so make sure to check back in! AND head over to much love, Illy for the awesome group giveaway! I've got $40 in ad space up for grabs!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Gap shirt {similar}skirt, F21 belt, boots c/o UGG, watch: borrowed from Jake, necklace c/o Craft to the Radio, lips: NARS in Schiap

Wow! You guys get to see my knees twice this week! It's gettin' crazy up in here! Ok, joke. Wait til this summer, you'll see my bare legs so much you'll be wishing I put pants back on. Not that I wouldn't have any pants on. err. well, you know what I mean. I meant long pants. Can we start over?

Sooo, how ya been? Ok this is just awkward now. No more late night blogging. Promise. I'll try.

Have you entered my giveaway to Urban Legend yet? Don't miss out! I'll definitely be using the coupon code...ya know because I can't win my own giveaway. Can I? um, no.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pop quiz!

Cardigan: F21, skirt, heels: Bakers, belt: F21, necklaces: Tiffany & co, typewriter key necklace c/o Craft to the Radio

Pop quiz! Pencils & paper out! What do you get when the sun is quickly going down, you're running late for a birthday party, and in too much of a hurry to properly focus your camera?

Times up!
Answer: A la crap photos...enjoy!

After you're finished deciphering the blurry pics, you should pop over and enter the giveaway! It's a good one!

Friday, April 20, 2012

friday giveaway - urban legend {closed}

Meet Kateri, the creative mind behind the candy-colored jewelry at Urban Legend:

My mission is to make bold, beautiful, lightweight jewelry that's fun for me to make and for you to wear. I use vintage Lucite beads, sterling silver and brass chain to create playful designs that retain a sense of urban sophistication. I started making jewelry in 2006, and fell in love with vintage glass beads after finding a handful of old jewelry at a flea market. My joy in using these beautifully colored and finely crafted beads turned into an obsessive treasure hunt for more, and I've been collecting and designing with vintage beads ever since. Recently, I've especially enjoyed using vintage Lucite beads for their incredible quality, detail and lightweight comfort. I wanted to create a space to showcase these brighter, bolder pieces, and that's how urban legend came into being.

One of you lucky, lucky readers will win your choice of necklace from Urban Legend

I am so jealous! Kateri's work is amazing! She's able to perfectly balance a playfully bold look with modern sophistication! These little statement makers are perfect to finish off any outfit! My favorites are this one and this one

How to enter:

Be a follower of Simply Bold with Google Friend Connect! (mandatory)
Visit Urban Legend and comment below on your favorite piece!

Extra entries:
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Don't want to wait?:
Kateri is offering 15% off to all Simply Bold readers with coupon code "simplybold15"!

Giveaway is open to all Simply Bold readers! Closes on Friday, April 27th at midnight! Winner will be announced on Saturday April 28th.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Latelies

Thursdays...what a great day to reflect on all the little impacts the week has thrown your way.

  • Turquoise, copper & oyster Shell necklace by Automatic Doll. I am absolutely in love with Jessica's shop! So happy to own one of her pieces! Check it out...everything is so unique and beautiful!
  • My new printed pants! Can't wait to style these!
  • Warby Parker home try-on round 2! (Round 1 here). We have a winner! Watch to find out which pair of glasses I'll be making mine:

  • Enjoy your weekend! Check in with Bex for more Thursday Latelies!

    Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    envy of 5 year olds

    top: J.Crew {similar}, jeans, belt: F21 {similar}, wedges: Aldo {similar}, purse: Coach, sunnies: Rayban

    When I was a kiddo, I was allowed to pick out my own outfits...leading to many pictures I'd rather burn today. You have those pictures too. Don't try to lie to yourself. Color was my weakness. I had a Rollerblade Barbie that wore lime green biker shorts and a neon orange sporty tutu. Yes, she came like that. swear. This led to begging my mom for a neon orange tutu. Ever try to shop for a neon orange tutu? Ok, it was the early 90s so I'm sure we could have found one. But instead, my mom made me one. Score! I wore that thing errywhere!

    Since I've been craving color like air lately, I grabbed this outfit, slapped it on and then spent the next several minutes staring in the mirror. Jake's constructive criticism: "That doesn't match. It looks like something a 5 year old would wear." Ok, first off...I despise "match" (it just needs to "go"). Second off, that's what I like about this outfit! I would have worn this when I was 5, minus the wedges of course. My coordination sucked as a kid. So here's to you, my 5 year old self! I hope I make you proud!

    Tuesday, April 17, 2012

    of course it's madewell...since 1937

    News Flash: Madewell opens today in my area! This is fantastic for my closet...horrible for my wallet. Ugh

    I have every intention of stopping by, probably after the dust settles, and trying on every last piece on my Madewell wish list. Then there will be lots of hmm-ing & hawing. Trying on the pieces all over again. Finally caving. Walking out with gobs more than I wanted to purchase. Then smiling at all my new lovelies as I they find a home in my closet. Ok, well now that I know the game plan maybe I'll be able to speed the process up in the store.

    To celebrate, I thought I'd share with you some of my fave looks from Madewell this season!

    Do you have a Madewell near you? Is it as fabulous as I'm picturing it will be? I'm addicted to their clothes and have high expectations of the store...the walls painted in 14 carat gold, aerial acrobats maneuvering around ribbons hanging from the ceilings, and nobody else in the store except for myself. I don't think I'm asking for too much.

    Thursday, April 12, 2012

    Thursday Latelies

    Time for another rendition of Thursday Latelies, where I like to give you little updates of what's been making me happy this week!

    Sorry that my lips and words go in and out of sync...I promise it's not all the way through. Love my MacBook but iMovie irks me from time to time. Anybody know another video maker for Mac?
    1. Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara. We're talkin' vixen eyelashes here people! Check in to it!
    2. America's Most Wanted Recipes: Favorite want this!
    3. Typewriter Key Necklace by Liz at Craft to the Radio! Everything in her shop is unique and either up-cycled or vintage inspired! Pop over to her blog too and say hi!
    Check out more Thursday Latelies with Bex!

    Tuesday, April 10, 2012

    why are moms always right?

    Blouse: F21 {similar}, Pants, Flats: Coach {similarNecklaceDIY twig bangle & ring, cord bracelet, vintage watch, DIY chain bracelet, Purse: Coach, Lips: NARS in Schiap

    I would like to have a moment of silence for my hair dryer that passed on Easter morning. Ok, that's enough. 

    Just last week my mom was doing some spring cleaning and came across a hair dryer new in the box. She asked if I wanted it since she forgot she bought it. Nope, mine's good. Yes, mine was 8 years old and but had like a million extra features. Why replace something that isn't broken? She replied, "8 years?! You'll be sorry when that one dies...soon." 

    Ok! I'm sorry, Mom! You were right! I was wrong! Is it too late to get that replacement? Pweez?

    On to further apologies...please excuse the wrinkly pants. They made it through an Easter brunch and an Easter dinner. Quite frankly, I'm just happy they didn't bust at the seams.

    Friday, April 6, 2012

    how to use henna to dye your hair

    I've gotten some comments and emails asking questions about my henna hair dye. I've been using henna for a little over a year now and I have no intentions of going back to chemical dye. 

    Here's my nurse's rant: as a western civilization we far too quickly to take a pill for this and a drug for that. We ingest chemicals and synthetic products by the drones. What happened to nature? Humans have been living for thousands of years before the production of synthetics. A lot {I'm not saying all...medications and interventions are necessary for many people} but a lot of what we need and should be using is found in nature. If we shouldn't be dying our hair while we're pregnant because it's harmful then why are we doing it while we're not? 

    I've also gotten questions about my natural deodorant...yes it works just as well as my prior drugstore bar. I use it because I have a genetic disposition to Alzheimers and Parkinsons, both which are linked to high absorption of aluminum (found in most deodorants). me it just makes sense. Ok, I'm stepping off my soap box.

    Anyway, since using henna hair dye, my hair has been softer, fuller, and shinier. I'm not hair texture has actually changed. When I went for my recent haircut, my hair dresser commented that my hair (when wet) was like a sponge. Oh no that's bad right? She responded no, it's's soaking up all the water instead of just rolling off (i.e. it retains moisture like nobody's business).  Surprisingly, my hair dries much faster now since using henna. Also, I can let it air dry without it looking like a frizzy mess. It lays better and has sooo much more volume! And the shine! Oh the shine! That's one of the best parts!

    Here's what you'll need:
    • Henna hair dye. I use noir (black), which actually is more of a dark warm brown. note: henna is red so you'll have a red undertone. It's the indigo, moss, and clove that gives it the dark color.
    • A glass bowl (it'll stain plastic)
    • A cup of hot coffee or hot water (coffee gives a richer/deeper tone)
    • Saran wrap
    • Something to keep you busy for the next 3-4 hours

    Toss a couple towels in the dryer to heat up (you'll use these later). Divide your hair into 5 sections (each side, top, middle, and back).

    For my length hair, I use 3 squares (6 come in a block). Roughly chop the henna and toss in your bowl. Begin adding your coffee (I use the entire cup for 3 squares). Mix and add more coffee until your henna is dissolved and the consistency of brownie batter.

    You need to keep your mixture warm so the henna will continue to develop/stain your hair. I wrap my bowl in one of my warm towels while applying it to my hair. Start with your back section, do your roots, then ends. Move to the next section. Don't skip sectioning your hair...this stuff is thicker than chemical hair dye and you want to make sure not to miss any spots.

    {insert super glamorous pics here of me slathering my hair with green goop} Bummer, you don't get to see me looking all a mess :) You're not missing anything.

    Once all your hair is covered, wrap your hair with saran wrap. This helps keep the henna from oxygenizing, drying out, and keeps it warm. Grab another towel from the dryer and wrap around your head. Switch warm towels out every 20 min or so. Continue to do this for the next 3-4 hours. Yes 3-4's worth it. If you notice your hair drying within this time just put some warm, not hot, coffee in a spritz bottle, spray your hair and re-wrap with saran wrap.

    When you're washing it out use lots and lots of conditioner. It'll help the henna granules slip from your hair.

    In the before pic, my ponytail holder wrapped 3 times around my hair. In the after, I could only wrap it twice.

    The henna will continue to develop over the next few days. Everybody has a slightly different outcome depending on your natural undertone and how warm you keep your henna during the process. These pics were immediately after my hair dried. My red tones down over the next few days and the shine actually increases some.

    I hope this helps any of you with questions! Maybe I've made a believer of some others in the process. Sorry this is so much more text than my typical posts. Just have a lot of tips that I've figure out and wanted to save you the trouble of figuring it out the hard way! If you still have questions, just comment below or email me!

    Thursday, April 5, 2012

    thursday latelies according to my iphone

    2} Sneak peak at an upcoming DIY project

    3} Dear Cadbury Mini Egg, I have every intention of snatching up every last bag of you I can hunt down before Easter ends. You will be missed.

    4} BBQ! Margaritas, laughter, and sunshine...yes please!

    5} Yay warm weather! My exposed tootsies are rejoicing!

    6 & 8} My flower garden! Note to self: black mulch stains hands.

    7} Meet Dierks...busted sleeping on the bed. He looked too cute, he got to finish his nap

    9} Freshly Henna dyed hair {yes, I put stuff called caca in my hair}...tutorial to come

    Hope you've all had an amazing week! Head over to Bex's blog for more Thursday Latelies!

    Wednesday, April 4, 2012

    spring heaven

    similar jacket, top: AE, skirt, sandals: bakers, diy bracelet, lips: NARS Schiap, toes: OPI no room for the blues

    This beautiful spring weather has got me all a flutter! It was actually really hot when we took these pics {I think it got up to 87!}. Not your typical spring weather! As much as I was over joyed because the winter blues are definitely behind us now, I was kind of sad about it too. I want that crisp chill in the morning, sunlight raining down on me in the afternoon, and just a little left over warmth for the evening walks with my honey. According to the weatherman, this week will be more of a typical spring week. April showers and all. I'm looking forward to layering bright colors, blazers and sweaters, and my spring scarves! Not so excited about carrying my umbrella with me everywhere, but eh. I'll get over it.

    Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    warby parker love

    Last week in my Thursday Latelies I showed off my Warby Parker frames that I picked out for my home try on. If you don't know about Warby Parker, they're an amazing online glasses company with a huge selection of fashionably retro inspired frames! Just what I was looking for and include the lenses for just $95! They do have a few store locations but unfortunately not any near me. They let you pick out 5 frames to try on at home for 5 days! woot! Plus, when you buy a pair, they donate a pair to someone in need. love.

    Anyway, these babies went back today and I couldn't help but snap a few actual pics before sealing the box! There was a glare in my TL video so I wanted to get clear pics...just in case anyone is searching for WP frames. Ok, ok it's so I don't forget what they all look like, plus they're all just so cute! Warby Parker is definitely making wearing glasses fun again with the loads of personality in each frame! I've had so much fun {and such great customer service} with this home try on I'm thinking of order 5 more to try on! They just have too many great options! 

    Thank you all for your great input on your favorites in the TL post! I'm so indecisive and it helped a lot! As of right now, the Miles and Sinclair are my favorites...but the Huxley is growing on me!

    This little bit of retro heaven is the Preston in Gimlet Tortoise. They're part of Warby Parker's new Spring 2012 Collection and will be in my next order! Eep! I love them!