Monday, October 29, 2012

mix it up!

I've said it before...socks are accessories too! In my mind, anything that goes on my body is the opportunity to add a pop of color, pattern mix, or contrast textures...this includes my socks! It's a fun way to try out mixing things up. They're inexpensive, if you chicken out just roll your pants down, and you could always use more socks, right?

What do you think? Are you up for passing on the boring white socks and being just a little crazy? After all, it is just socks!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

adrenaline earns relaxation

Yes, we're crazy. Yes, that's tree-top canopy ziplines and suspension bridges. Yes, it was a blast.
How do you finish a 4 hour adrenaline rush like that? With a free fall of course!

That evening we crashed into our cabin and somehow woke up at 6 am for a yoga hike. Thinking back on it...sleeping in would have been a nice option too. 
Perfect ending to a perfect vacation.

Oh, who's that you say? King Kong? Yeah, we're close personal friends. Gotta love a little randomness.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

on shutting down

Sometimes you just need to shut your mind down to open your eyes. The kind of peacefulness that retreating into the mountains can bring is enlightening and much needed. Our daily strolls were so filled with beauty. The changing of the leaves reflecting off the lakes makes you reflect on your own thoughts.

I tried hard not to focus on taking pictures and just unplug for the majority of our trip but sometimes you just need to capture the moment. For instance, Jake's first time horseback riding. Growing up I spent several summers perched upon a horse, so I couldn't let him pass up the opportunity. He and Macaroni (his horse) made good friends and I was in love with my Bart. 

And who can pass up on being a creeper and stalking that adorable elderly couple sitting by the lake? Not this girl. I'll continue to creep on, thank you very much.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm back, back in the KC groove

Sweater: Madewell {similar}  |  Jeans |  Ray Ban Sunnies  |  Boots c/o Ugg Australia

Although I technically came back from vacation last week, I did take a little longer break from the blog. It was nice to unplug and focus on my hunny...and finish up with school for the remainder of this year but that's a whole other topic. So anyway - I'm back!

We stayed down in the Ozarks. Away from it all. 
We ate too much, played when we wanted, and laughed just enough.

Prepare for picture overload in the next couple days. There was just too much natural breath-taking beauty on our divine evening walks.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

friday giveaway - virginie millefiori

What girl doesn't love jewelry?! How about creative and fun loving jewelry? Even better. So for this week, I have a special treat for you all! From pinwheels to hot air balloons and beyond you'll find your favorite new piece from Virginie Millefiori! Warning: be prepared for major compliments every time you don your new lovely. Trust me here, I've already scribbled Virginie's shop down for admirers on several occasions.
In the NYC area? Stop by her show in Chelsea on Saturday, October 20th to see these beauties and say hi in person! Click HERE for details!
It's time for a little Parisian whimsy in your life!

Meet Virginie of Virginie Millefiori:

I’m Virginie Millefiori, a French jewelry designer based in NYC. I started making jewelry 7 years ago in Paris and at that time I was mostly using polymer clay with the millefiori technique so when I had to pick an artist name for my first show Virginie Millefiori came spontaneously. Now it is not relevant of my techniques anymore since I only do metalsmithing and enameling but a lot of people only know me under this name so I just keep it!

My collections are very colorful and my style is dainty and delicate, I care for every little detail. In my lines, you can find a piece matching with any style or outfit: My jewelry range from playful & whimsical to the most minimalist & trendy. I handmade every single piece in my NYC based studio: I sketch, saw off, solder, polish, enamel and assemble myself so I can have a complete control on the overall quality of the jewelry which is very important to me.

Triangle Necklace with Gold Filled Chain!
Value of $60!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

guest post - kim of kimberlyloc

8 Shades of Ox Blood

Hi everyone! I'm Kim, the beauty addict behind I'm excited to share my beauty picks on Simply Bold today, and I hope you'll bookmark my blog for future beauty reference!
As we all have been told a billion times, "ox blood" is the "it" color for fall.
It's showing up in clothes, shoes and accessories, but it's also making a big hit in cosmetics, such as lipsticks and nail polishes.
If you're a little too shy to rock the bold ox blood trend on your lips, try the shade on your tips instead!

Dark nail polish looks megachic for fall (and will never go out of style), and it's a nice little detail that shows you're in-the-know on the latest trend.
Here are my top eight ox blood shades from some of my favorite nail polish brands.
(And hey, don't judge my DIY manicure. I'm a writer, not an expert polisher!)

1. Zoya "Toni"
Another new one for fall 2012, this creamy, raisin shade has purple undertones while remaining dark and mysterious.
2. China Glaze "Velvet Bow"
This deep burgundy-brown, introduced last winter, goes on opaque in just two coats and works well in both funky fall outfits and dressy winter formal attire.
3. Zoya "Katherine"
New for fall 2012, this "jelly" polish has a super-glossy finish that can be worn light (two coats) or dark (three coats, like I did). You can also layer this polish with others to create a custom shade.
4. Chanel "Vamp"
Every woman should own this color. It debuted in the early 90s and is a hit every fall. I love the hint of shimmer it has. And, well, it's Chanel.

5. Essie "Wicked"
This is Essie's response to "Vamp," a sinister, deep burgundy with a creamy finish. Another great budget-friendly find from a company known for innovation in color and formula.
6. OPI "Germanicure by OPI"
This brownish-red reminds me of crushed velvet! It's moody, deep and sexy, and the hint of silver in it complements all skin tones.
7. Revlon "Vixen"
This is Revlon's budget-friendly response to "Vamp," and I think it does a dang good job of replicating the deep blood color (though it has a little less shine — nothing a glossy top coat can't solve!).
8. Zoya "Monica"
A blue-purple shade for fall 2012, this color is a little less "ox blood" while staying within the same vixen color family. You can really see the beauty of this color in the light.
What are your favorites? What did I forget? Tell me your fall nail polish picks in the comments section, or tweet them to me at @kimberlyloc.

Monday, October 15, 2012

guest post - jess of mimi & chichi

shirt: Ann Taylor, skirt: Zara, belt: Michael Kors (similar), jacket: All Saints, shoes: Fendi and bag: Chanel 

Kristina is currently away from her blog, but not to worry, Jess (aka me) from Mimi and Chichi is here to keep you Fashion Savvy. I was trying to figure out the best topic for this post, and it finally hit me, Vintage Handbags 101. When it comes to vintage bags, Chanel is the first name that comes to mind. Their recent Paris Fashion week show [or should I say spectacular], Chanel rocked it and took my breath away with their hula hoop beach bag. Although we (Mimi & Chichi aka Jess & Gita aka besties) can't officially call ourselves experts, years of window shopping, countless in-store hand inspections, and personally owning a few of these magnificent artifacts, we sure can steer you in the right direction. Oh, I almost forgot, I grew up in Korea, the replica bags capital of the world. So, I can spot the fakes ones and the authentic ones from a mile away, without glasses. Even though, purchasing a handbag from the designer's store is the only sure way to guarantee authenticity, I hope this brief video will help you pick them apart away from the store.

Hope you enjoyed this video. Come and visit us anytime at Mimi & Chichi!

Friday, October 12, 2012

guest post - erin of pretty polished perfect

Yup, I'm still gone on vacay...but I still have some more amazing ladies filling in for me - like this lady! Meet Erin of Pretty Polished Perfect! She's one of my closest blogger buddies and her name could not fit her any better! Erin's sense of style is amazing...go stalk her archives for some amazing pattern, texture, and color mixing! She's also in the midst of "31 Days of Pro-Styling Tips"! Take it away Erin!

Hello Simply Bold readers, I'm filling in for Kristina while she vacations (without us.)  I met Kristina through our local Blogging Community, and I adore her sense of humor (and her style.)   Let's get to it, shall we?  Grab your cutest pair of sunnies, this outfit is a cornea sear-er!

Scarf: Missoni for Target
Sweater: Old Navy 
Necklace: H&M (these are found everywhere now!)
Skirt: Old Navy 
Shoes: Dana Buchman for Kohls

Personal story:  I wore this to church on Sunday.  Walking past several pews to my seat, The Mr (following not-that-closely behind) overheard an older woman (whom I love and adore) whisper (not that quietly apparently,) "I love that look, but only Erin can pull that off."   Which is funny, because I was more than a little self-conscious wearing a scarf like this. When you aren't in a room full of fashionable people, these styles can often be mistaken as costume-y, outdated, or "oh no you di'int!"  What's the point of this little ditty?  How many times have you heard someone say "I can't pull that off?"  You can pull it off (like Kristina's bowtie.)  You can do whatever you want (as long as it's legal in at least one state, lol!)