Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - in a nut shell

...a very small nutshell of randomness. It was a great year and there's only more memories with my hunny, my family, and my friends to be made! Excited to see what's to come in 2013!

Bye-bye 2012! xx.

Friday, December 28, 2012

high hopes

Sweater  |  Shirt: Anthropologie (similar)  |  Jeans  |  Boots  |  Clutch: Anthropologie  |  Necklace: Madewell  |  Watch  |  Chain bracelet DIY  |  Ruby Ring c/o  |  Linked Ring c/o

2013 is almost here. With it will bring some big life changes. My hunny and I will be together for five years. We'll sell our first home and move 1500 miles away from friends and family. New jobs will be started and I'll hopefully be finishing another degree. Wow.

I just want to say thank you. For sticking with me while things fall into place. For everyday you visit my little bloggity blog. And for everyday you listen to my rants, joys, and nonsense.

I've got high hopes for the year to come. In the meantime though, let's make the most of these last few days of 2012. Ya know...since the world didn't end or anything.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

my life in one word: procrastinate

Shirt: Gap (similar)  |  Skirt  |  Watch  |  Socks  |  Boots: Nordstrom (similar)  |  Rings: Madewell  |  Ruby Ring c/o Fresh Tangerine  |  Lips: Tarte "Lust"

It's true.

I'm a procrastinator. I do some of my best work during the tick-tock crunch. Example 1: Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve Eve. At least the extra eve came into play ok? Example 2: Wrapping presents the morning they will be ripped open. Yes, it seems like a waste to add the extra little sparkly details to have the package destroyed within the next hour but hey it's how I roll. Example 3: Checking the weather report after I'm already dressed. Good thing the socks can be pulled up higher - they ended up going incognito as tights before the day was over.

I could not have asked for a more memorable way to spend my holiday. I am truly blessed to have the family I have. My dad can always make me laugh and feel overwhelmingly loved. My mom pours on the tradition til the warm & fuzzies are at full capacity every year. My sister embarrasses me without fail in front of my entire extended family - it wouldn't be Christmas without uncontrollable blushing. And my little brother's laughter always makes me wish I was a kid again. Hope you all enjoyed the time with your families, the laughter, and the traditions. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

hot drinks, cold weather

Sweater  |  Shirt: Marshall's (similar)  |  Jeans  |  Boots: Target (similar)  |  Watch  |  Lips: Tarte in "Lust"

It's here. it's finally. finally. here.

The cold weather has arrived! This morning I woke up to white roads and perfect snowball weather. All I wanted was a snow day, like the kind you have as a kiddo and get to skip out on school, homework, and chores. Your only mission is to defend your makeshift fort and pummel passerbys with soggy pressed bundles of fluff.

Not today...I got to experience the adult side of the weather. The 6am drive to work: slipping and sliding on the roads, slipping and sliding in the parking lot, and the inevitable busting of my behind when my wonderfully wet feet landed on the tile entrance. Nice. It's days like today that I'm happy I drive a truck. All I need now is a good pair of snow boots.

At least I get to kickstart the Christmas celebrations tomorrow!

Enjoy the weather, the weekend, and the time with your family! Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 17, 2012

artsy weekend

Silk Tee  |  Necklace: Madewell (similar)  |  Jeans: VS Pink (similar)  |  Flats: Coach (similar)  |  Tote  |  Watch  |  Lipstick: Nars in Schiap

I was flipping through pics on my camera and came across these from a few weeks ago. We enjoyed a day at one of my favorite places here in Kansas City, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Being surrounded by the beauty and history during this gorgeous weather was sheer perfection. This warm weather hanging on is spoiling me. After soaking up the art we had a short little walk on the brick paths over to the plaza and had dinner at an outside cafe. Then grabbed some coffee and took a walk to enjoy all the architecture lit up by twinkling Christmas lights.

I could put that weekend on repeat.



Thursday, December 13, 2012

neon winter

Cardigan: Loft (similar)  |  Gingham shirt: A&F (similar)  |  Scarf: Old Navy (similar)  |  Jeans  |  Boots: Target (similar)  |  Watch  |  Ring  |  Bow Belt c/o gracie b.

I have fully embraced neons this winter - not that I don't embrace them during the other 3 seasons - but there's something just so fun and bold about brights in the chilly weather. And how perfect is this adorable bow belt for the holiday season? Pretty sure it's begging to be worn during the present shredding ceremonies coming up.

Sorry for being a little MIA lately. So where have I been? I decided to switch up my jobs (yes, I said jobs) and now I'm working around 60 hours a week at the hospitals. There's something about moving 1500 miles that makes you snap up straight and realize you should probably get some major savings going. I will try my hardest to get back into the swing of things! Let's just say I have got some major resolutions in the making!

Friday, December 7, 2012

unexpected jewelry storage

Even with the use of my adorably thrifted antique bowls on my dresser, my jewelry is strewn around my house. From my kitchen to my car you can find my little loves. I feel particularly sorry for my necklaces that have made their way to being hung on my bedside lamp. Yeah, it's to that point. 

So I'm on the market for a fun and unexpected piece to store more of my jewelry. Here are some of my favorites that I've come across but I'm really loving #2 most! It just has that fun Alice in Wonderland feel to it (or is that just in my head?). Plus it looks like it could hold a decent amount of statement necklaces and stacking rings because really that the majority of my pieces. Have you come across any fun ways to store your accessories?

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9

Have you shopped my closet yet?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

snake & lace

Denim Shirt: Gap (similar)  |  Collared Shirt  |  Lace Shirt: Madewell (similar)  |  Jeans c/o Level 99  |  Boots: Target (similar)  |  Sunglasses  |  Tote  |  Watch  |  Stacked Rings  |  Bow Ring  |  Earrings & Raw Ruby Ring c/o Fresh Tangerine

Some days I want a little animal print in my life. But this girl can only wear so much leopard print before I start to wonder if people realize I do know there are more animal prints in the world. Like snake. And a gorgeously subtle snake print like these jeans? Oh yeah! 

So for all the people who were 2 more outfit posts with leopard print away from having me committed - this is for you.
You are welcome.

PS Now you can shop my closet! My 3 closets of clothes won't all be heading to Boston with me :)

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