Wednesday, January 9, 2013

kick back

Sweater  |  Chambray: Anthropologie  |  Velvet Jeans  |  Flats: Coach (similar)  |  Watch  |  Lips: Tarte in "Lust"

I'm pretty certain that I'm exhausted. I had an inkling but when I was flipping through these pics and realized I was sitting or kicked back on something in almost every shot - I knew I needed a nap. It's times like this that I wish I could snap my fingers, have my sweatpants and hot tea brought to me, and not feel the constant tug to get more of my to-do list done. But, of course, if I could snap my fingers and have things like this magically happy I'm sure I wouldn't have been exhausted in the first place. Just tired fingers because well let's face it...there'd be a lot of finger snapping happening over here.


  1. I am absolutely in love with anything polka dot, so naturally I love this sweater!! I just stumbled upon your blog and I am really excited to read about you and get to know you :) I am your newest follower and I would love for you to stop by sometime and follow along if you'd like :)

  2. love the polka dots and red pants! xo

  3. girl these pictures of you are beautiful, especially the one of you on the bench :)


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