Sunday, November 10, 2013

A little video: Interview with the NY Times

I know, it's been a long time since I've posted. Obviously the move worked know, with the normal moving dilemmas: Jake and I being apart then his job finally working out and him moving here a MONTH later, spending three days driving cross country in a lumpy, bumpy moving van (don't worry, we vow to never ever, ever move ourselves 1500 miles again, sawing the legs off our sofa to fit in what I swear is the tiniest New England elevator, and all this while still continuing to work on my next nursing degree. Good God, never again.
All that to say...Welcome to my neighborhood, Boston's Back Bay! We had never even been to Boston when we decided we were moving here. So in the spring we made a little trip for me to interview and in the summer we popped out again to check out apartments. We hadn't even seen Boston in the Fall and wow is it beautiful! We got super lucky and landed in a little place just outside of the Public Garden and that tree-lined, golden leaved heaven in the video above? That's just next door to my humble abode, where I was recently interviewed by the NY Times Fashion Segment: Intersection (click to see the video larger).
P.S. Brittney, the other girl in the video, is my neighbor and new buddy. This girl has got some fun, artsy style...plan on seeing her in the future.

Vest  |  J. Crew  
Chambray  |  J. Crew
Sweater  |  J. Crew
Jeans  |  Madewell
Shoes  |  Coach (similar)
Bag  |  Urban Outfitters (similar)
Watch  |  Michael Kors
Sunglasses  |  Ray Ban


  1. That is such a cool interview! I loved it

  2. AWW That is so awesome! :) Hope the back bay is treating you well. I am glad to hear the job worked out here! :)

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