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Have a business or blog? I love showing support while helping you grow! Any advertising dollars from sponsors go right back into sponsoring larger sites, which in turn gets us both more traffic!

Your support means the world to me & in turn I show my sponsors a lot of love! I do frequent shout outs on social media and in my blog posts, in addition to you sponsor package!

I'm also available to do product reviews but I do ask that I choose the item so that it fits into my personal style and the style of the blog. Any time your item is featured it will be linked back to you with a "c/o" (compliments of). This option is free but I do ask that you are a sponsor (any sized ad).

Think we'd make a great match or just interested to know more? I'd love to chit-chat with you and hear how we could collaborate! Click HERE to shoot an email to me or send it to kristina {dot} simplybold {at} gmail {dot} com

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