Does penis enlargement pills work?

The normal length of a human penis is usually 5 to 6 inches when it erect. This is the standard length for most men around the world. However, there are some cases where the penis for one can be small. The primary cause for this may be due to lack of men enlargement hormones, some disease like Peyronie’s illness and prostate cancer can also cause one to have a micro-penis.

However this problem can be collected by various ways, one of the ways of enlarging penis is through surgery. This method, however, can be risked if it is not done very well. The other method is trough the usage of penis enlargement pills. But the question many people do ask themselves is this does penis enlargement pills work?

Does this pill work?

Basing on the scientific research that has done, there are no pills that have been proved to enlarge the penis. Many companies outside there have been advertising that the pills are working, but up to now, there are no true testimonials on these claims. Many of the advertisement companies claim that the pills contain minerals, vitamins, and hormones that are said to have a positive impact on penis enlargement. Many of the infected, however, have claimed that the pills haven’t solved their problem.

Effects of the pills on the body

Some of this pills have reported being harmful and have caused a permanent negative impact to those who have used them. One of the major problems that have been widely reported is the penis erectile dysfunction. This is due that the pills do damage the nerves in the penis and hence reduces the sensitivity of the penis and hence make it difficult to erect. And due to lack of erection of the penis, it continues to remain shorter and inactive in some cases.

The usage of vacuum pump products can enlarge the penis for some short period, but later it shades of making it swell and lastly damage the elastic tissue in the penis muscle leading to the less firm erection or total failure of erecting.

The use of pills can be very dangerous, if you are looking for a better way on how to enlarge your penis, you can visit a doctor for more direction. You can also eat natural foods that can increase your penis, these foods have some penis elongation hormones that can enlarge the penis in some length. Some of the food can be groundnuts, popcorns among other food. Doing exercise can also be an ideal way that can help you in penis enlarge. There is some exercise that is related to this; you can search on the net on the penis elongation exercises that can help you.

The other option is to go for surgery; however, penis surgery can also bring you some negative impacts if it is done well. Try to find a qualified doctor who has experience in this surgery. Try to seek some advice from those who have done this earlier. With this, I think it will help you. Learn more at