3 Best Ways to Learn Guitar

As you’ve no doubt just seen, there are many different suggestions available online for learning to play guitar. Some are very similar, some are basic, some are very complicated. With so many options and suggestions, are there any that work better than others? Or, at least, more consistently?

1. Practice

This is the one thing on every list, without exception. That’s how important it is. Some have different ideas on how often, or how structured, or even how, specifically, it should be done. But practice is key. Setting aside specific space and time is a good start. Even if it’s just a spot in the basement or garage for half an hour, that’s time dedicated. What about the rest of the day?

Many guitarists have also found that practicing chords and progressions using just their hands is often a benefit even when they can’t have their guitar with them. That’s because building muscle memory is key to mastering the guitar itself. Stretching the fingers into the same positions used to make chords and follow progressions helps train those muscles to hold those shapes.

2. Play Music

Many beginner guitarists that take formal lessons, like anyone learning a new instrument, learn to play chords, then chord progressions, and then are told to repeat those progressions until they’re reflexive. That is an excellent way to learn an instrument, and music theory in particular. For some, it’s also a good way to kill a love for music.

Instead, they learn to play songs. How can you do that? When you learn chords, look up songs you love online, find out which they use, and play along. What about learning how music is made? As you learn the songs, pay attention to how they progress. Learn to recognize the patterns they follow, and you’ll start to understand why they move along the way they do.

3. Challenge Yourself

Absolutely play music you love. But once you’ve ran out of songs you love that you can play, it’s time to learn more. What if you don’t love more complicated songs? Find some you do. Branch out to other genres. Or find some other artists, learn to play songs with other people. Finding a group to play with makes us accountable, as well. If we have people counting on us to be at a particular place to play at a particular time, we’re likely to be there, ready to play.

The point? Never stop growing, never stop practicing, never stop refining. No one ever masters the guitar. Some people just get closer than others. Learn about online guitar lessons at http://www.onlineguitarlessonsprogram.com

Does penis enlargement pills work?

The normal length of a human penis is usually 5 to 6 inches when it erect. This is the standard length for most men around the world. However, there are some cases where the penis for one can be small. The primary cause for this may be due to lack of men enlargement hormones, some disease like Peyronie’s illness and prostate cancer can also cause one to have a micro-penis.

However this problem can be collected by various ways, one of the ways of enlarging penis is through surgery. This method, however, can be risked if it is not done very well. The other method is trough the usage of penis enlargement pills. But the question many people do ask themselves is this does penis enlargement pills work?

Does this pill work?

Basing on the scientific research that has done, there are no pills that have been proved to enlarge the penis. Many companies outside there have been advertising that the pills are working, but up to now, there are no true testimonials on these claims. Many of the advertisement companies claim that the pills contain minerals, vitamins, and hormones that are said to have a positive impact on penis enlargement. Many of the infected, however, have claimed that the pills haven’t solved their problem.

Effects of the pills on the body

Some of this pills have reported being harmful and have caused a permanent negative impact to those who have used them. One of the major problems that have been widely reported is the penis erectile dysfunction. This is due that the pills do damage the nerves in the penis and hence reduces the sensitivity of the penis and hence make it difficult to erect. And due to lack of erection of the penis, it continues to remain shorter and inactive in some cases.

The usage of vacuum pump products can enlarge the penis for some short period, but later it shades of making it swell and lastly damage the elastic tissue in the penis muscle leading to the less firm erection or total failure of erecting.

The use of pills can be very dangerous, if you are looking for a better way on how to enlarge your penis, you can visit a doctor for more direction. You can also eat natural foods that can increase your penis, these foods have some penis elongation hormones that can enlarge the penis in some length. Some of the food can be groundnuts, popcorns among other food. Doing exercise can also be an ideal way that can help you in penis enlarge. There is some exercise that is related to this; you can search on the net on the penis elongation exercises that can help you.

The other option is to go for surgery; however, penis surgery can also bring you some negative impacts if it is done well. Try to find a qualified doctor who has experience in this surgery. Try to seek some advice from those who have done this earlier. With this, I think it will help you. Learn more at http://www.BestPenisEnlargementPillsBlog.com

Best penis enlargement exercise

You may be wishing and hoping that if your penis is larger than it is your sex life would be better than it is. For you to overcome problems related to sex, you need to find a solution and ensure that size of your penis is enlarged. This will ensure that your partner gets full satisfaction while having an act of intimacy.

Here are some of the best exercises that will result to enlargement of your penis:

  1. Stretching

Penis stretching is a very important exercise that beginners should start with. The exercise is very simple to perform and does not require trainers to be there to show you how to do it. Some of the ways by which you may use for stretching exercises are:

  • Erect stretch: The exercise should be done by those who have been exercising their penis for the last six months. This works perfectly by stretching erected tissues of the penis. This exercise is one of the best penis enlargement exercises.
  • Side-to-side stretch: Side-to-side stretch is another great way to enlarge your penis. This is done by stretching your penis in different directions to make it enlarge.
  • Rotation stretch: This exercise is done by rotating you penis while stretching it and this automatically enlarges the size of your penis.
  1. Penis pumps

This is a mechanical way of penis enlargement. Penis pumps may be done in different designs, with different features. This is done by making a cylinder go over the penis and a pump either, manually or electrically, this creates a partial vacuum with the cylinder. The act decreases pressure and causes tissues in the penis to expand and also fill with blood. Some of the popular penis pumps are Bathmate and penomet, they are both water assisted pumps.

  1. Penis extenders

You may use penis extenders just to try out its effectiveness. This method works on stretching principle. With the aid of mechanical device penis extenders are able to hold the stretch for extended period of time. Here are some of the most popular penis extenders, they are: penis pal, male edge extender and x4 lab extenders.

  1. Penis hangers

Penis hangers are said to be the best penis enlargement exercise. The exercise is done by hanging weight therefore, causing tension on penis as the name implies. Testing has proved that LG hangers has comfort and gives greater result to the user than any other penis enlargement hanger. Penis hangers are mentioned as the most innovative hungers in today’s market.

  1. Kegels

Although this product may not have been created for penis enlargement exercises, they may offer you harder, stronger and longer lasting erections.

The mentioned below are benefits of kegels:

  • It can prevent prolapsed pelvic organs
  • Kegels are used for treatment of swelling due to prostatitis and prostate pain
  • Kigels, by leading to increased blood flow, indirectly enlarges size of the penis.
  • by use of kigels you ejaculation force and volume may be increased.

If you need better exercises that will see the size of your penis enlarged and improve better performance in bed, the mentioned ways will see you through. Learn more at http://www.penisenlargementbibleprogram.com/how-to-get-a-bigger-penis/

Full Review of Vigrx Plus – Best Penis Enhancement Pill

VigRX Plus is a male enhancement supplements pill since 2006, aiming to improve sexual health for men in terms of erection, vigor, virility and orgasm quality. The original name was “VigRX” as of 2001, and after advancements in formula and its effectiveness, it change to “RX Plus”. In a few years, it gained a lot of popularity and by 2017, it is one of the best and most trusted brands in the male enhancement market.

If you are familiar with the name RX Plus and want to know more about it before you actually try it, then this is a must read article.

What Does It Do?

VigRX Plus provides the following solutions:

  • More, firmer, erections on demand
  • Eliminates premature ejaculation
  • Restores libido
  • Penis size enhancement.

It is a fact that it can increase the original size of the penis. It takes about 2-3 months to realize best results.

VigRX Plus Ingredients

The ingredients are more potent herbs known to mankind to date that are related to male enhancement in one way or another.

  • Hawthorn Berry – This is especially useful in helping to increase blood pressure because of its phyto-chemical composition. It is for this reason that hawthorn berries are usually taken to keep the circulatory system in best condition.
  • Damiana Extract – Inhaling the smoke from the burning leaves of Damiana shrub was found to have increased sexual libido. It can be taken in powder form and also used as an aphrodisiac.
  • Asian Red Ginseng – is widely used in ancient Chinese medicine. Asian Red Ginseng has been used to promote optimal blood pressure and circulation. One word of caution though, people with heart problems should consult doctor first to avoid later complications.
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract – The extract of the herb plants is known to be beneficial not only to the male reproductive system, but also to the liver and kidneys as well. It has been used in ancient Chinese medicine, as well as to treat sexual impotence.
  • Ginkgo Bilboa – this is another ingredient that increases blood flow. It is also rich in antioxidants. Caution must be exercised when receiving it. Although, it has its known side effects such as hemorrhage only reported among people with clotting disorders.
  • Bioperine – This is the main ingredient of VigRX Plus . It is an extract of fruit from the Indian black pepper. Its main role is to serve as a booster.

How To Use It

Take 2 tablets a day. One in the morning and the other in the evening, depending on the level of sexual activity.


  • 1 Box (One – month) – $ 76.99
  • 3 Boxes (3 – month supply) – $ 205.99
  • 6 Boxes (6 month supply) – $ 384.99
  • 12 boxes (1 year supply) – $ 489.99

Possible Side Effects

A very small number of men reported that they feel sick with nausea, while some of them have small amounts of diarrhea when taking tablets. The best way to avoid this, drink enough glasses of water after taking the pills and you’ll be good to go.


VigRX has already enjoyed phenomenal success all over the world for one reason, it works. The VigRX Plus formula is incredibly effective as a complement to the sexual enhancement of men for this reason it has contributed for its success.

Matt Clark’s Amazing Selling Machine Review

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a training program with videos and live event teaching, which teaches budding entrepreneurs to build a business selling products online, using the power of Amazon. The Amazing Selling Machine program doesn’t just give you suggestions on listing and selling products on Amazon, but it is a complete guide to building, running and eventually scaling up a real physical products business through Amazon.

How Do You Make Money From The Amazing Selling Machine?

ASM teaches you how to sell products as a part of Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program.

In a nutshell, you become a drop-shipper. When you’re a drop-shipper, you don’t have any merchandise yourself. Rather you buy it from a wholesaler at a bulk price. The products are kept in Amazon’s warehouses and then you sell them from your retail seller account on Amazon at a higher price. Your profit is the difference between wholesale prices and retail prices. The wholesaler, meanwhile, doesn’t need to look for a retail salesman as you fulfill that role through Amazon.

Thus you can buy products in wholesale and sell at a higher price to your customers, and you don’t even need a retail store or a warehouse as Amazon itself provides that as part of the Fulfillment By Amazon Programme.

Why Do You Need The Amazing Selling Machine?

The reason you need a training program like Amazing Selling Machine is to make sure your products are shown on top of the list whenever a potential customer searches on Amazon for your products. There are innumerable products for sale on Amazon and for your particular product to show up on top of the list, you need a lot of research and that is exactly, where ASM comes in to teach you how to do that research.

The program, co-developed by internet stalwarts Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback aims to take you through all the steps of setting up your account, establishing your business and then run and operate that business with the eventual goal of scaling up.

The ultimate goals are simply”

– Make your products perform better than other products.

– Get product reviews.

– Get featured in Amazon’s Hot Collection.

What Does The Program Consist Of?

The program is priced at about $3500. The makers promise an eventual profit of about $100,000 after you’re up and running smoothly. The customers receive the following:

– An 8-week online training course

– Ticket to a 3-day live event

– 1-year access to the program’s tools and Softwares

– Membership in the Amazing Selling Machine community

What Does The Program Teach You?

The Program, with it’s “Ultimate Promotion System” aims to teach you:

1. How to Register for a Seller account on Amazon.

2. Decide on a product to sell.

3. Create a product detail page.

4. Get views for the Amazon product.

5. Create a video for your product for YouTube.

6. Write a press release or your Amazon product.

7. Set up and implement a Review system.

What Are The Main Problems Which ASM Resolves?

1. Finding The Right Products to Sell

To decide on the right products, the program talks about:

– Finding Product Sourcing Sites

– Finding the right suppliers

– Researching the best seller list

– The best product price ranges to consider

If you have no experience in this or have no products of your own to sell, you would need guidance on deciding the right products to buy and sell.

2. How to Rise on Amazon’s Rankings

Unless you’re a top seller on Amazon, you won’t be able to make too much money.

The program teaches you to:

– Find and research high-value search keywords

– Focus on the right buying lists

– Get a competitive advantage over other sellers

3. How Do You Automate Your Business

The ultimate goal is that you automate your present business and then scale it up by focusing on products with a higher profit margin. The course will help you set that up too.

So IS ASM Worth It?

If you want to start an Affiliate Marketing Business, investing in the Amazing Selling Machine with it’s constant, high-quality training and support would be an excellent bet. The product will extensively guide you through the entire process. Although the price tag may be a bit high, you do have a 30-day money back guarantee.

A Comprehensive Review Of 100k Factory Revolution – A Powerful Internet Marketing Program

Nowadays everybody has his own financial freedom and thinks of setting up a business. An online business provides you with a total control of your life. However, it is imperative for you to put in a lot of hard labor in order to succeed. A particular formula is needed to succeed and this actually taught by the 100K Factory which happens to be created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. The program will offer you everything you require to succeed in your Internet business ranging from drafting business proposals to social media marketing.

This awesome step by step online marketing system is going to teach you the ways to employ powerful marketing strategies that will aid you to attain monetary freedom by growing your cloud business to the 6-figure mark. The two individuals who have developed the 100kFactory Revolution can boast of substantial experience in terms of operating successful online enterprises.

This program will train you how to:

1. Prepare an online business plan

2. Design your own website

3. Use the most effective SEO services

4. Utilize social networking as a marketing leverage

Prepare an online business plan:

According to the program, you are required to use headings and subheadings while creating a business plan for promoting your online company. It will help you to scan through any duplicate information without any difficulty.

Designing your own site:

The backbone of virtually any successful online business happens to be the website. Consequently, it is imperative for you to design your site so that it is able to attract targeted visitors. You must ensure that your contact information is displayed in every single page even though you might display it as a footnote. Besides this, make sure that your products are portrayed in an appealing manner on your site. As a matter of fact, a website which is designed properly is going to be indexed more as compared to the poorly designed websites.

Utilize social networking as a marketing leverage:

Social media happens to be a very robust marketing tool. It is essential for every single online business to comprehend the ways to exploit social networking in order to develop its customer base. The 100k Factory is going to teach you the ways to leverage the power of social networking for your own benefits.

Using the most effective SEO techniques for your site:

Every online business relies heavily on an attractive website and you must make sure that the site is actually visible on the web. This can be achieved only by means of search engine optimization. The program is going to teach you how to use the most recent SEO strategies for optimizing your site for optimum search engine visibility. All these trends consist of keyword positioning, link building and so on.


Thus from this full 100k factory revolution review, it is evident that the program is amongst the most effective training programs on the market and it is intended for those who are ready to break even in this overloaded word of Internet entrepreneurship. It provides the instructions in a step-by-step and simple manner which is ideal for both newbies and experts alike. The formulas which have been described in this program have been verified by an expert who is in this business for quite some time. Although you will not get this program for free, you will be guaranteed of receiving your money’s worth. In a nutshell, 100k Factory Revolution is a must for anybody who is serious about their online business.