3 Best Ways to Learn Guitar

As you’ve no doubt just seen, there are many different suggestions available online for learning to play guitar. Some are very similar, some are basic, some are very complicated. With so many options and suggestions, are there any that work better than others? Or, at least, more consistently?

1. Practice

This is the one thing on every list, without exception. That’s how important it is. Some have different ideas on how often, or how structured, or even how, specifically, it should be done. But practice is key. Setting aside specific space and time is a good start. Even if it’s just a spot in the basement or garage for half an hour, that’s time dedicated. What about the rest of the day?

Many guitarists have also found that practicing chords and progressions using just their hands is often a benefit even when they can’t have their guitar with them. That’s because building muscle memory is key to mastering the guitar itself. Stretching the fingers into the same positions used to make chords and follow progressions helps train those muscles to hold those shapes.

2. Play Music

Many beginner guitarists that take formal lessons, like anyone learning a new instrument, learn to play chords, then chord progressions, and then are told to repeat those progressions until they’re reflexive. That is an excellent way to learn an instrument, and music theory in particular. For some, it’s also a good way to kill a love for music.

Instead, they learn to play songs. How can you do that? When you learn chords, look up songs you love online, find out which they use, and play along. What about learning how music is made? As you learn the songs, pay attention to how they progress. Learn to recognize the patterns they follow, and you’ll start to understand why they move along the way they do.

3. Challenge Yourself

Absolutely play music you love. But once you’ve ran out of songs you love that you can play, it’s time to learn more. What if you don’t love more complicated songs? Find some you do. Branch out to other genres. Or find some other artists, learn to play songs with other people. Finding a group to play with makes us accountable, as well. If we have people counting on us to be at a particular place to play at a particular time, we’re likely to be there, ready to play.

The point? Never stop growing, never stop practicing, never stop refining. No one ever masters the guitar. Some people just get closer than others. Learn about online guitar lessons at http://www.onlineguitarlessonsprogram.com

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Does this pill work?

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