Best penis enlargement exercise

You may be wishing and hoping that if your penis is larger than it is your sex life would be better than it is. For you to overcome problems related to sex, you need to find a solution and ensure that size of your penis is enlarged. This will ensure that your partner gets full satisfaction while having an act of intimacy.

Here are some of the best exercises that will result to enlargement of your penis:

  1. Stretching

Penis stretching is a very important exercise that beginners should start with. The exercise is very simple to perform and does not require trainers to be there to show you how to do it. Some of the ways by which you may use for stretching exercises are:

  • Erect stretch: The exercise should be done by those who have been exercising their penis for the last six months. This works perfectly by stretching erected tissues of the penis. This exercise is one of the best penis enlargement exercises.
  • Side-to-side stretch: Side-to-side stretch is another great way to enlarge your penis. This is done by stretching your penis in different directions to make it enlarge.
  • Rotation stretch: This exercise is done by rotating you penis while stretching it and this automatically enlarges the size of your penis.
  1. Penis pumps

This is a mechanical way of penis enlargement. Penis pumps may be done in different designs, with different features. This is done by making a cylinder go over the penis and a pump either, manually or electrically, this creates a partial vacuum with the cylinder. The act decreases pressure and causes tissues in the penis to expand and also fill with blood. Some of the popular penis pumps are Bathmate and penomet, they are both water assisted pumps.

  1. Penis extenders

You may use penis extenders just to try out its effectiveness. This method works on stretching principle. With the aid of mechanical device penis extenders are able to hold the stretch for extended period of time. Here are some of the most popular penis extenders, they are: penis pal, male edge extender and x4 lab extenders.

  1. Penis hangers

Penis hangers are said to be the best penis enlargement exercise. The exercise is done by hanging weight therefore, causing tension on penis as the name implies. Testing has proved that LG hangers has comfort and gives greater result to the user than any other penis enlargement hanger. Penis hangers are mentioned as the most innovative hungers in today’s market.

  1. Kegels

Although this product may not have been created for penis enlargement exercises, they may offer you harder, stronger and longer lasting erections.

The mentioned below are benefits of kegels:

  • It can prevent prolapsed pelvic organs
  • Kegels are used for treatment of swelling due to prostatitis and prostate pain
  • Kigels, by leading to increased blood flow, indirectly enlarges size of the penis.
  • by use of kigels you ejaculation force and volume may be increased.

If you need better exercises that will see the size of your penis enlarged and improve better performance in bed, the mentioned ways will see you through. Learn more at